Meaning “Breath of the Wok,” Wok Hei (pronounced /wäk-hā/) is a Cantonese expression that describes the unique flavor a chef strives to achieve when stir-frying in a wok.

Several truths are agreed upon by the masters of the art of the Wok:

  • One must control the flame’s intensity to elicit a fragrant aroma
  • One must select only the highest quality ingredients
  • One must develop their skill over time, in the same fashion they develop the seasoning in their wok

Wok Hei Kitchen executes based on these principals in every dish we create while being equally as dedicated to providing delicious and healthy options for our customers.

All of our bases and sauces are made daily from scratch with all-natural ingredients. We offer over a dozen locally-sourced vegetables, five quality proteins including grass-fed steak and __. Whether you’re vegan, paleo, gluten-free, or keto our innovative menu has something for all diets and food preferences.

Our commitment to social, ecological, and nutritional responsibility at the core of everything we do. Ultimately, we deliver an experience that is exciting, affordable and addictively delicious and not an ounce of guilt.